World News


British intelligence has found that Chechnyan leader Ramzan Kadyrov and a number of other officials have threatened to eliminate the gay population of Chechnya by the start of Ramadan, May 26. This follows the internment of over 100 gay men in torture camps, a number which British officials suspect will rise within the coming month. Human rights campaigns have denounced these actions and are said to be formulating plans to deal with the situation.

North Korea

North Korea held a large artillery drill on April 25 to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the founding of their army. While this type of drill is not uncommon, the U.S. and South Korea have perceived it as a show of force amid the rising tensions on the peninsula. It is also suspected that North Korea is planning another nuclear test in the near future.


France held a preliminary election on April 23 to choose the two final candidates that will participate in the presidential election on May 7. Marine Le Pen of the National Front Party and Emmanuel Macron, a Centrist, emerged the victors out of the four main candidates.


German police found 1,500 suspected stolen bikes in a warehouse in Rothenburgsort. Officials say that the stolen bicycles were likely going to be transported to Eastern Europe for refurbishing and sale in accordance with the trend following urban bike theft. Three men are in custody on suspicion of theft and organized crime.


Tensions between the United States and Turkey have escalated after Turkey ordered an airstrike against Kurdish rebels in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday morning. U.S. forces claimed these groups to be allies in the fight against ISIS. In addition to causing significant damage to both military and civilian infrastructure, the attack is said to have caused 25 casualties and wounded at least 18 people.


Compiled by Kelsey Kaufmann