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Mexican authorities apprehended drug kingpin Damaso “The Graduate” Lopez the morning of May 2, 2017 in Mexico City. Lopez has been linked to numerous attacks throughout the country as well as affiliation with former cartel leader Chapo Guzman, most notably assisting in Guzman’s escape from prison.


French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has been accused of plagiarizing her earlier opponent Francois Fillon’s campaign speech from April 15 of this year. A campaign official brushed the nearly word-for-word use of sections of Fillon’s speech as a “nod” to Fillon and his non-sectarian supporters. This was hypothesized to be an attempt to garner interest from said supporters in her final contest against Emmanuel Macron on the coming Sunday.


At a conference in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized Vladimir Putin for taking no action against the torture of gay men in Chechnya. She urged Putin to launch an investigation against this violation of human rights and the persecution of those assembling in protest and to denounce the Chechnyan leaders perpetrating these actions.


30 civilians were killed in Northeastern Syria on Tuesday when five suicide bombers attacked a refugee camp near Rajm al-Salibi. The Islamic State has claimed the attack which is said to be a retaliation for the activity of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Kurdish fighters in the area. Individuals displaced by this attack are being tended to medically and relocated by humanitarian aid groups.


Compiled by Kelsey Kaufmann