What’s on your iPod?

Rich Jones

1. “Little Red Corvette,” Prince
Who doesn’t love the little purple dude? In all honesty though, I’ve heard this song a million times, will never get tired of it because it’s just so phenomenal.2. “Change R Us,” Longshot
This was the first Chicago rapper I discovered as I got into the local hip-hop scene. Been following his work ever since, puts on a great show too.

3. “Country Cousins,” Talib Kweli feat. UGK
This is just such a great collab. You’ve got one of the most consistent MC’s of all time with Talib Kweli spittin over a track with the southern legends UGK. Probably one of my favorite tracks on the whole album.

4. “Ghetto Musick,” Big Boi
Probably one of my favorite starting tracks on an album. I love the energy of it all, Andre 3000’s vocals on are just electric and are the perfect contrast to the Big Boi’s flow.

5. “The Last Time, Gnarls Barkley
Loved the whole CD by these guys, just some real feel good music, really makes you just want to grab someone and start dancing.

6. “Silent,” GZA feat. Ghostface Killah and Streetlife
All of the MC’s on this just straight kill it. Even 5 years removed from when I first bought it, I still find myself quoting the Street Life verse at random moments when I’m just chilling.
You can find me, in your studio
Half baked, eatin’ ganja cake
Tryin’ to make my next release date….

7. “Rise of the Rebel,” 7L & Esoteric
One random day as my friend and I went to get sandwiches, popped in a mix CD and this nugget was on there. Been in love with this track ever since.

8. “Family Business,” Kanye West
Arguably the most successful MC to come out of my hometown. I think almost everyone can connect to the idea of family as he presents it in the song.

9. “Genesis,” Justice
Pretty sure this made it on a car commercial, but regardless, still awesome.

10. “Has It Come to This?”, The Streets
This guy is the reason I make music.