Ed response

In a recent post to her blog tracing the construction of the campus center, project coordinator Lynn Hagee wrote,
“I was disappointed to read the staff editorial in ****The Lawrentian**** January 24. The Campus Center Planning Committee, which includes student members, feels that our new ‘hub’ presents new opportunities for interaction as well as improved services. The writers of the editorial were misinformed about the offices currently residing in Raymond House and Brokaw. There is NO plan to move these offices to the new building. In my mind, the advantages of our Campus Center outweigh even a period of ‘rough transition.'”
****The Lawrentian**** would like to respond to Hagee’s concern that we misrepresented the impact of the campus center. We retract the information regarding the offices in Raymond and Brokaw, as we realize that this was false information. ****The Lawrentian**** regrets the error.
Yet, we would like to make our point somewhat clearer. We are concerned about the loss of a sense of place, a loss of the emotions and memories that are housed in “old” parts of the campus such as Downer and Lucinda’s.
We are concerned about a move to increase campus hegemony by creating a “hub,” which we feel may not be a completely positive move. We do not believe that our opinions are shared by all, but we do wish and reserve the right to express them nonetheless. We also would like to note that we did allude to the advantages of the campus center, which we certainly do not wish to deny.