Fencers victorious a weekend tourney

Chiara Terzuolo

Last Saturday, Jan. 28, the Lawrence fencing team traveled to UW-Madison.The Men’s Sabre squad posted a 4-1 record, defeating teams from UW-Madison and Northwestern University, as well as others. The Men’s Foil squad went 3-2. Men’s Epee, with two first time fencers, posted a very respectable 2-3 record.

The Women’s Foil squad rampaged through, and went 3-1. The Women’s Epee and Sabre Teams were slightly hampered due to injured fencers. Nonetheless, the two-woman Epee squad tied with Minnesota.

The upcoming tournament for the LU Fencing Team, the Northwestern Duals, will include top teams from all across the country, such as Penn State, Stanford, Ohio State and Johns Hopkins University.