Athlete of the Week

Ashlee Thatcher

You’re the new leader in points scored in a game (48), beating the previous record of 47 by Jason Hollinbeck (’05). How does that feel?
It is an honor, but because the game was against Grinnell it was easy to sit under the basket to score lay-ups. To be honest, it really hasn’t sunk in yet.Talk about Saturday’s loss against Carroll.
It was a well-played game with unbelievable plays. We should have won. Carroll made the plays they needed to win. The refs didn’t call the game well; but it was bad both ways.

How do you like working with Coach JoJo? What are the main differences between him and Coach Tharp from last year?
He is fun and has changed throughout the year. He is more laid-back as far as working with us on injuries and stuff. JoJo is a lot more hands-off, where Tharp was more hands-on. Both are good styles, but very different.

How has your role changed this season? What is expected of you on a daily bases?
Last year, I was more of an energy player off the bench. Now I carry the load of rebounding and putting points on the board. Each day I’m expected to be a consistent post-scoring threat. JoJo expects me to be the big body threat out there on the floor.

If you had only one more year to live, what would you make sure you do?
First of all, I would spend at least 11 months somewhere warm. Then I would travel to Europe, and spend as much time with my family as I could.