In sports news…

MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee
Brewers announced plans this
week to erect a statue of MLB
commissioner Bud Selig outside
Miller Park. Selig, a former
Brewers owner and the owner
who moved the Brewers – then
the Seattle Pilots – to Milwaukee,
is known as the commissioner
that introduced the wild card to
the MLB playoffs, though he has
also drawn criticism for ending
the All-Star Game in a tie in 2002
and canceling the World Series
in response to a players’ strike
in 1994.
MIAMI – A late interception
by Indiana University graduate
Tracy Porter gave the New
Orleans Saints a 31-17 win
over the Indianapolis Colts in
Super Bowl XLIV last Sunday.
The Saints’ comeback from a
10-0 deficit tied the Super Bowl
record. Saints quarterback Drew
Brees and Colts quarterback
Peyton Manning combined for
621 yards on 63-of-84 passing, a
Super Bowl record for number of
completions in one game.
VANCOUVER – American skier
Lindsay Vonn, a gold-medal
favorite for the Winter Olympics,
revealed that she had severely
bruised her right shin while
training in Austria last week.
While Vonn said that the injury
was severe enough to force her
to scratch from most competitions,
she still plans to ski in the
Olympics, though her chances of
winning multiple gold medals as
expected are greatly diminished.