In other news…

Darfur rebel group Justice
and Equality Movement has
signed a ceasefire deal with
Sudan, a step towards peace
in a country that has been
at war for the past seven
years. The UN estimates 2.5
million people are still displaced
due to the conflict.
The first female leader
of Germany’s Protestant
church, Margot Kaessmann,
was arrested for driving
drunk last weekend. The
church’s 25 million followers
are currently deciding
how Kaessman, whose alcohol
level was three times the
legal limit at the time of her
arrest, will continue to function
in the church.
Federal Insurance Deposit
Corporation announced
Tuesday that it added 450
troubled banks lenders to
its list in 2009, bringing the
total number of such banks
to 702 in 2009. The FDIC
does not disclose the names
of the banks at risk.