Sports trivia

Greg Peterson

Q1: Mike Krzyzewski, with 854 wins to his collegiate basketball coaching record, currently ranks fourth all-time in terms of games won as a Division I coach. Besides being impossible to spell, Krzyzewski’s name is synonymous with the Duke Blue Devils, but “Coach K” actually got his first 73 wins at what school?
A1: Army. After a season as an assistant coach of Bob Knight at Indiana, Coach K got his first job as the coach of the Black Knights, who made it to the postseason just once – a first-round loss in the NIT – during his five years at West Point.
Q2: In 1994, the Winter Olympics were held after just a two-year break, establishing the system of alternating Summer and Winter Olympics that has been in place ever since. Where were those Olympics held, and what American city’s bid for the Games that year lost out to the Scandinavian winner?
A2: Lillehammer, Norway finished ahead of ™stersund, Sweden; Sofia, Bulgaria; and Anchorage, Alaska, which had also lost on its bid to host
the Games in 1992.