Ramble on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

I would like to congratulate Ted Thompson on not upsetting me immensely this past weekend during the draft – drafting like this is something that I could actually get used to. I didn’t think I was one of those guys who would watch it and have a laptop on ESPN.com checking out the Draft Tracker to read a bit about each of the picks, but I came to realize that participating in this ritual makes the draft move more quickly. I also stumbled across blogs and chat rooms to see what the public had to say about the picks and to see highlight videos of the athletes – it was a good weekend to be a football fan.
After the party Saturday night, I got up before 9 a.m. Sunday morning to get ready for the second round. It started at nine, and instead of watching the draft like I did Saturday, I just had my laptop handy, giving me the updates. I saw that nfl.com had a nice little feature to see how teams drafted, how the universities were being represented and how each position was being represented – it came in handy. Sadly, Jonathan Casillas and PJ Hill were not drafted. And Mr. Irrelevant is a kicker, and that’s kind of lame.
Another reason why the draft wasn’t on television was because of some great NBA games. I planned on getting some work done Sunday afternoon so that I could enjoy the week’s highlights that night on ESPN. Little did I know about what type of game the Bulls and Celtics would put on.
Coming off the game-three dud of a performance by the Bulls, I did not expect much from them, but I was extremely thankful for the display in game four. There were just over a dozen people watching it with me, and we were hanging on every shot – let’s hope this is not the only intriguing playoff matchup we’ll see all year. Even though everyone is anticipating the Cavaliers and Lakers to play for the title, I’m guessing not.
I’m hoping that the Celtics do get past the Bulls this round for one reason – the shots of Kevin Garnett on the bench. Yes, we know how tall KG is and how he looks in a suit, but I’m more impressed with how many f-bombs one guy can drop in one sentence. I was reading one fan’s comments on a blog that he and his friends now have a new drinking game; everyone time you read a naughty word – or in his case words – coming from his lips, you drink. Seems reasonable enough, right?
What other drinking games can we conjure up during playoff time would seem like a sport in itself. We can do every time Ray Allen hits a three, Stephan Marbury’s tattoo on the side of his head is seen, the commentators mention Derrick Rose’s potential, Paul Pierce pumps and turns, not laughing at Joakim Noah’s shot, and when Brian Scalabrine hits a jumper.
What game would there be when you can make someone else drink? I would say that at the beginning of the game, each participant selects a player, and whenever that player makes an outstanding play – as ruled on by selected judges – someone gets to demand that somebody throws down some sweet medicine.
The final trump in a game of sports drinking would be seeing a guy grab his crotch after hitting a jumper like Ben Gordon. Yes, Gordon’s cockiness was good, but it does not compare to the originator – Sam Cassell’s “big balls” dance. Check it out, it’s impressive.
Other than that, it’s good to know that I have intentions to watch the Timber Rattlers play twice next week as $1 dogs, tickets and brews are hard to turn down.