Staff Editorial

As everyone has noticed, it is finally spring term, the most popular and loved time on campus. After all, it is a truism among The Lawrentian staff that winter term in Wisconsin is anything but easy, but the forecast for the spring is nothing but breezy.
For upperclassmen, this means outdoor concerts, sunbathing on Main Hall Green and Downer grill days.
A positive change to our campus this term is the addition of 10 new Trek bikes available for one-day rental to all students through the information desk in the union. The bikes are a great way to enjoy nice weather. The bikes also offer students without bikes or cars an option of transportation to break the barrier between campus and the rest of Appleton; this option is all the more encouraging since it is green.
Credit goes to the Class of ’65 fund, Campus Center Director Greg Griffin and senior Hayley Vatch for coming up with such a great plan and generating the publicity needed for it to become such a success.
We encourage students to make the most of what campus has to offer this spring. There are many sporting goods such as baseball mitts, soccer balls and Frisbees available at the information desk in the union and at the front desks of dorms. The Outdoor Recreation Club is offering several trips this term to make the most of the sunny weather; they are open to all students, who can sign up on the orange sheet in Downer by the women’s restroom. So head outside and enjoy!