Rambler on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

I would like to thank Angel Cabrera, Kenny Perry, Chad Campbell, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods for making my Sunday afternoon not nearly as productive as I wanted. I told myself that I’d catch the end of the Masters if it came to a close finish, but that quickly changed after the charge that Mickelson made in the first nine holes of his final round. I brought my reading material and planted myself on the couch to enjoy one of the greatest Masters ever. There were several plays down the stretch that made my Sunday afternoon and early evening quite enjoyable: putts and chips that came close to falling, Campbell shooting a bogey on the last two holes of the day to drop to 12-under and very nearly making par on the last regulation hole to win, Cabrera making some great shots down the stretch to eventually take the green jacket after two playoff holes – and yes, the color does matter.
On a side note, wouldn’t it be sweet to knock a tiny ball in a hole 74 times and become $1.35 million richer? Every time Cabrera stepped into the tee box, he made over $18,000. Not bad for four days work, huh?
As some may remember, my mom, older sister, and myself are heading to Boston this weekend to take part in that marathon thing. We are arriving Saturday afternoon and the race takes place Monday morning. What is a sports fan to do while in Boston? One can either go to a bar to watch a game, or go to the park to watch a game. Being the fan I am, I went online and tried to find seats to watch the Sox take on the Orioles. I looked into grabbing tickets to watch the Bruins play the Canadiens as well – yes, this spelling is correct – in the Stanley Cup playoffs, but the only game we’d be able to make is at the same time during the Sox game, so I manned up and made the executive decision – Fenway.
The most difficult part of attending a Red Sox game is finding tickets at a reasonable price. Looking for tickets in a good spot and at a reasonable price can be quite an achievement – take my latest challenge for example. There are three of us headed to Boston, so we need only three tickets for the game. I was surprised at how difficult it was to find a seller online looking to sell just three. For a moment, we were going to just buy a four-pack in the grandstand seating, but with the services and shipping fees, the price got a little too steep. I headed to eBay, found one guy selling three tickets in the grandstand, and the price was about $50 less than what I found on the previous site – stubhub. Some tickets were selling for hundreds of dollars, and that is just outrageous to me.
Since both the NBA and NHL regular seasons are winding down, it is time to bear down and get ready for some playoff puck and hoop. Some of the greatest games I’ve ever watched, regardless of sport, have been hockey games that have gone into overtime. Some of these games have actually been some of the longest in NHL playoff history, and we fans hang on every moment. Even this past weekend while I was watching the Frozen Four that went into overtime, the game ended when a deflected shot was innocently carried over the goalie – he didn’t even see it – and into the net. Some of my friends never watch hockey, and I suppose that’s fine with me. They’re just missing out on a whole lot of excitement.
Until next time, I’ll be where everybody knows my name.