Rik Warsh’s Letter


I wish to respond to an announcement regarding the lawsuit filed by supporters of the fraternities.
President Warsh- you have been at the vanguard of a movement to disrupt the lives of a large number of tuition paying students that are members of positive, enriching organizations. The intitiative could be defined as quasi-legal at best, and yet you insist that Lawrence University and its Board of Trustees are victims of unfeeling outsider groups. When you try to weaken something that means everything to the members, and damage somthing that is unique to a school our size, realize that those same members will strive to help and protect their meaningful organization. So please, do not attempt to play the victim, or sound outraged as students protest this infringement.
Thank you for listening, and proud to be a greek and a Lawrentian
Paul Schook, from the London Center