Increase in diners leads to changes in food service

Andy York

With a freshman class that is one of the biggest in Lawrence’s history and the advent of the formal group housing policy, Lawrence University Food Service has made some changes for the upcoming school year. These changes should ease the overcrowding at certain meals and provide an enjoyable dining atmosphere. The changes will affect the hours at Lucinda’s and the accessibility of the different lines in Downer Commons. The major change will take place at Lucinda’s. Lucy’s will now be open for both breakfast and lunch on Fridays, as well as Monday through Thursday. On Saturdays and Sundays, Downer Commons will now have all three lines, A, B, and C open for brunch. Previously only A and B were open.

These changes were made due to the increased number students eating at these times. Bill Fortune, Director of Food Services for Lawrence, said, “We asked the formal group houses what meals they were planning on cooking in their kitchens, and overwhelmingly it was dinner. Therefore we increased the serving capacity at lunch and brunch, where the increase in diners should be most significant.”

When asked about the rumor circulated around campus last spring that Lucinda’s would be closed for breakfast but open for dinner, Fortune replied, “It was an option, but we decided that there would not be as big an increase in diners because of the formal groups eating in their houses, so we decided against that option.”

Fortune also added that these changes were not necessarily permanent: “If we see that further changes need to be made later in the school year, they can be made as they warrant attention.”

With time, students should see a reduction in overcrowding during peak meal hours. Food Services hopes these changes will benefit Lawrence students and the campus as a whole.