Lore-ence: The dangers of leisure

It’s spring, which means a lot of good stuff is going to be happening soon. Between LUaroo, formals, Greek Week and many other events, there’s bound to be a lot going on. The weather is nice and people are ready to come out of their rooms and enjoy the campus more than ever.

Some wonder, however, if there are enough events to satisfy the needs of the students. The Student Engagement and Monitoring and Making Sure Everything is Perfect committee (SEMMSEPC) has asserted that there is, in fact, not enough to engage the students as of right now. There have been numerous reports of students hammocking on the Main Hall Green. People have been sitting outside on the quad, not appearing to be engaged in any work in particular. It has also been observed that students are taking walks with no purpose. The results from a recent survey given by the RLAs in each dorm suggest that most students have been sitting outside more often than in the winter months. While the sample size may have only been 12 students between all the dorms, the results are still obviously enough to go on.

SEMMSEPC has taken this information to mean that there need to be more engaging events on campus. They have emailed every single student organization and have asked each group to set up a special event for each day of the week until the end of term. They have threatened the clubs with termination if they do not comply with the word of LUCC. When we asked LUCC for confirmation on this claim they said, “We’ve never heard of this committee. That’s not an authority we gave out. We are incredibly confused.”

So far, only 20 clubs have reached out. SEMMSEPC has speculated that most clubs are inactive due to the somewhat low levels of interest. What is to blame for this? Aimless leisure activities. The Student Engagement and Monitoring and Making Sure Everything is Perfect committee believes that this is further proof that leisure activities are a scourge on the name of Lawrence University. 

Events so far include “Please don’t show up to this event, please I’m begging you,” listening to the radio in your rooms (don’t bug us please) and an imaginary surfboarding seminar. The Facebook event listings for each of these have received record low interest rates. 

Unconvinced of SEMMSEPC’s beliefs, we took to Main Hall Green to ask students what they felt. One student lying in a hammock said, “Get away from me, you buffoon. I’m trying to relax.” Perhaps SEMMSEPC has a point. The students often said they were “trying to relax,” which might suggest that they are unable to because of these outdoor leisure times. However, the students may also have meant it literally.

It is unclear if leisure time is causing more stress to Lawrentians. The implementation of events every single day of Spring Term will determine what is best for our students. The Student Engagement and Monitoring and Making Sure Everything is Perfect committee will give out a survey at the end of Spring Term to gauge how much happier all the students are.