The LUCC Cabinet is happy to reveal our friendly faces to everyone so you can match our names to a face (or back)!

From left to right: Kye F. Harris (Public Relations Secretary), Galini Poimenidou (General Secretary), Maria Poimenidou (President), Nathan Williams (Parliamentarian), Ghania Imran (Vice President), Karl Painter (Treasurer), Hung Nguyen (Finance Secretary), Meralis Alverez (Special Project Coordinator) – not pictured.

Photo by Caroline Garrow.

LUCC is happy to present to you our Class Representatives of the Week. Each week we will be selecting two class representatives, each being from the Steering and Finance Committee. We hope this allows for you all to grow familiar with all those involved in LUCC over time.

Class Representatives of the Week


Meet Jessica Toncler: Freshman Class Representative

“The past three terms I have seen first hand the impact LUCC has on all of campus. The administration places a tremendous amount of trust in this governing body composed solely of students. I am proud to represent both the College and the Conservatory in LUCC and I look forward to continuing to be a voice for my peers and to keep changing campus for the better!”

Photo by Sarah Navy.


Meet Binita Rajbhandari: Senior Class Representative

“I love being a part of LUCC because I get to have a voice on campus. I get to work with so many wonderful people from diverse backgrounds. I get to see different perspective and learn about new things each meeting.”

Photo by Sarah Navy.

Additionally, LUCC is happy to announce:

There is now a finalized list of re-recognized organizations. Be sure to check out the email Maria sent out for more details on that list. 

Applications to be a Class Representative are out! They will be due Wednesday, May 15, and elections will be held on Friday, May 17. Applications can be found in the email Maria sent out as well as on the fourth floor of the Warch Campus Center near the Campus Life Office!

The Gender Inclusive Facilities Task Force Resolution has been passed as part of LUCC Legislation to support non-binary and LGBTQ+ students on campus. Please refer to Maria’s email for the document of the resolution and flyers.

Group Housing Selection has been worked on this past week.

General Council will now be streamed on Facebook Live at 4:30 p.m. every Wednesday from the Pusey Room in Warch for the remainder of the term—be sure to tune in to stay updated with what’s going on in LUCC.