Staff Editorial

Since the opening of the Warch Campus Center, students, faculty and staff have been encouraged to use the building as a tool to further develop and enrich the Lawrence community.
The Pusey room, the café, the cinema and the Esch-Hurvis space have developed distinct identities through the nature of their use thus far. These areas have hosted Soundboard, studio classes, student recitals, concerts, open-mic nights, dance performances and more.
We at The Lawrentian applaud the various uses of the campus center that have emerged, and we encourage members of the Lawrence community to continue to employ it in creative ways.
The building’s spaces have unique properties that allow for each room to appeal to an array of purposes. For example, the Pusey room often serves as a quiet place to study, but the master class with Dale Duesing ’67 proved that it could also be an intimate and effective performance venue.
This year’s events have displayed the campus center’s functionality and versatility; we hope that this has put to rest the notion of the building as extravagant or detrimental to the campus atmosphere. This campus should be defined by the students and their use of its resources, not by the resources themselves.
Despite the campus center’s physical completion, it is still a work in progress – its users determine the ways it is integrated into the Lawrence experience. We encourage as many Lawrentians as possible to program new types of events there and experiment with the unique potential afforded by this building’s many spaces.