This week, LUCC is happy to present to you the official signed resolution for Gender Inclusive Facilities. 

Class Representatives of the Week


Meet Awa Badiane: Sophomore Class Representative

“I love being able to be part of the behind-the-scenes of campus! I get to see how campus truly functions on a legislative level, and I get to have say in how that all works.”


Meet Elliot Cordano: Junior Class Representative

“Being involved with LUCC has been a really good opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and engage with the Lawrence community in a new way. I’ve really enjoyed working alongside other members of LUCC to promote greater student involvement and foster a deeper sense of community across campus.”

LUCC is also happy to announce the list of groups who successfully applied for and received housing for next year along with the contacts for each. Please contact Matthew Gerg for more details/questions about housing selection, etc.

Art House 206 S. Lawe St Jamie Dong and Ryan Johnson
Co-Op Elihu Loft Emily Austin
Delta Tau Delta 203 N. Union St Patrick McDonnell and Baron
Greenfire Elvira Loft Luke Shimabukuro and Mathew Larosiliere
LGBTQ+ Alliance House 742 E. Boldt Way Jorgan Jammal and Cameron
LU Recess Sage Loft Karl Painter
Sankofa 726 E. Boldt Way Samantha Torres and Ryshaun
Sigma Phi Epilson 218 S. Lawe St Julien Riviere  and Logan Bray
Sinfonia Mary Loft Hank Lariston and  Matthew
WLFM 741 E. Boldt Way Ethan Penny and  Molly Reese