LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Land for peace” would lead to much violence

Dom Yarnell ’01

While driving through Wisconsin last week, I heard a commercial supporting a plan to end the violence between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
The plan rests on the idea of “land for peace,” implying that Israel’s concession of land to the Palestinian Authority will result in peace between the two governing bodies.
In fact, this plan would lead to increased Palestinian hostility, as concessions to terrorists always do.
The most salient example of Israeli concessions occurred in 1993 under the Oslo Accords. Abiding by their agreement, Israel transferred control of almost every Arab city to the Palestinian Authority, recognized their authority over the Palestinian people, supplied their militia with weapons, paid them a multi-million-dollar monthly allowance, and lobbied internationally for additional financial support.
In return, Arafat pledged in writing that, “the PLO renounces the use of terrorism and other acts of violence.”
The result: suicide bombings and attacks on Israeli citizens escalated.
Perhaps the most incredulous part of the commercial was its declaration that Arab countries endorsed this “land for peace” plan.
Do these Arab countries include Iran, who supplies the PLO with weapons, munitions, and the materials for suicide bombings?
Do they include Iraq, who awards cash to the families of suicide bombers?
Do they include Saudi Arabia, whose government-run newspapers propagate the tale that Jews place Muslim and Christian children in needle-lined barrels to extract their blood to mix with the batter for their holiday pastries?
To the layperson hearing this commercial, a “land for peace” plan might sound reasonable, and therein lies the danger. History has proven, time and again, that the PLO (reconstituted as the “Palestinian Authority”) is nothing more than a terrorist organization and should be dismantled, unconditionally.
Only then will there be a lasting peace.