Ramble on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

Overall, I was pleased with the end result of the men’s hoops title game. It would have obviously been fantastic if that Haywood heave from half-court would have found the bottom of the net, but that obviously didn’t happen. I was just hoping for a close contest throughout, and that is exactly what the highest-rated title game since 2001 gave us.
On a slight side note, I had my Twitter up most of the game to see what all the sports people I follow had to say about the game. The funniest one had to be Ty Lawson, a former guard at North Carolina.
I quote: “Coach k brought his refs with him.” Besides the fact that Lawson would probably have no shot at spelling “Krzyzewski” correctly, he provided this sports fan with a humorous look at how former Tar Heels look at Duke.
Oddly enough – or not that oddly, depending on how you look at it – the last Duke title was in 2001 when they beat Arizona by ten. Another odd part was that they only beat Arizona by ten with the likes of Carlos Boozer, Chris Duhon, Mike Dunleavy the Younger, Shane Battier, and Jay Williams on the squad.
Oh well, though, about this year’s title game. It is good enough that Nicaragua and Honduras are receiving about 7,200 Butler NCAA champ hats and shirts. I’m sure a certain professor here at school would love to get his or her hands on one of those.
I had planned to watch the women’s title game, but I decided to go watch a movie instead. I checked my phone for updates of the game, and I was always worried the information era had failed me when I read that the score at halftime had Stanford up against UConn by the score of 20-12. Yes, just 12 points for UConn after 20 minutes on the wood.
Considering that they had been dominating opponents en route to the championship game, I thought that maybe ESPN had maybe accidentally given me some other stat – maybe turnovers? Near the finish, though, Connecticut made a run. The Huskies did end up winning their 78th straight victory on the two-year anniversary of their last defeat – which was, coincidentally, against that same team from California.
Oh, and the Bucks are back in the playoffs. It’s nice to get into the postseason after a short stint sitting out the spring, but it is obviously disheartening when Andrew Bogut is going to be putting shrimps on the barbie instead of putting up shots, pulling down boards and blocking the orange. It was a good year for the Bucks. Here’s to hoping that they do not get shellacked – I have never used this word before, but there’s a first time for everything – by their postseason foe. Instead of “Fear the Deer,” it might have to turn into “We Fear the Foe”. That is, unless Kurt Thomas comes to play.
I am stretching my sports-pun limits now, but please da Bears with me here. Since “Dancing with the Stars” is not on ESPN I don’t actually watch it, but I have read online that Erin Andrews is doing a fantastic job.
And since I am a male, I decided to use YouTube to view how the singular Miss Andrews is doing. From what I have read from online sources and YouTube comments, she is doing quite well. When I watched a video of her and – yeah, I looked this up – Mr. Maksim Chmerkovskiy practicing, I was actually surprised at her personality.
Frankly, she seemed a lot different than the person we see on the sidelines. I merely watched these videos to increase my sports-related awareness and understanding. As for the other girl on the show, I had to look up what Nicole Scherzinger is known for. And who the hell is that Buzz Aldrin guy, anyway?
On a final note, I would like to extend this portion to all of those who are going to watch the Masters. As always, it should make for an exciting weekend in the world of dimpled balls, but most of the eyes are going to be on the Tiger.
I am sure the Friday and weekend columns are going to be full of Tiger comments and “analysis” – that is, jokes – but I’ll limit myself to one: it’s good to see that Tiger is making his comeback at Augusta National, where no woman has ever been admitted.