Sports trivia

Greg Peterson

Q1: The NHL playoffs, starting this weekend, will feature 16 teams trying to get their names engraved on the Stanley Cup. The names of players who win the championship this year will join the nearly one dozen copies of the name of Henri Richard, whose 11 appearances on the cup are a record. Richard, a Hall of Fame center, played his entire career with what team?
A1: Montreal. The “Pocket Rocket” starred on the Canadiens of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, winning the Stanley Cup of each of his first five seasons in the NHL. Though Henri Richard was originally thought to have been brought onto the team as a tribute to his older brother, Maurice, the younger Richard finished his career with 81 more points than his sibling.Q2: Kevin Durant, at just age 21, won the NBA scoring title this year with 30.0 PPG, making him the youngest player ever to win that award. If, next season, Durant could pass LeBron James and Kobe Bryant to win the MVP award, he would also be the youngest winner of that title. Currently, the holder of the youngest-to-be-MVP title is 23-year-old Wes Unseld, who won the MVP award in 1968 with what team that began its life as the Chicago Packers and is now the Washington Wizards?
A2: The Baltimore Bullets. Before their 1997 gun-control-related-name-change to the Wizards, the franchise spent 34 years as the Bullets in Baltimore; Landover, Maryland; and Washington, DC.