Letter to the Editor from Doug Martin

Dear Editors:

I read Claire Zimmerman’s Lore-ence article in the January 31st edition, “Lawrence adds a new UNIC course” with some disappointment.  While the peripheral ideas, such as surveying the students of UNIC 142 before and after the course, were spot on, the core course proposal needs substantial revision.  I fault the anonymous professor for this deficiency, not your journalist – though, perhaps, a more hard-hitting interviewer would have poked holes in this obviously flawed plan.

Here are some alternative suggestions:

UNIC 142 is an ambitious class: schedule it to meet five times per week, and only cancel each and every meeting immediately before class time.  For those who do not know the joy of the meeting cancelled just before it starts – that is truly free time.

Include a list of book-length readings on the Moodle site, posted weekly, and ensure that every page is blank.

Office hours?  Of course.  The anonymous professor must simply ensure that their office is transformed into a ball pit.

Examinations and final to be closed book (unless it is a really good book).  Suggested location: the park.  Or library.  Or wellness center.  Or coffee shop.  The VR only for those who care to partake.

These suggestions could go on and on, but, well, now is my free time. Thanks for giving me some of yours.