Staff Editorial: Q: What has working on The Lawrentian meant to you?

ALEX F: When people think of journalism, their first thought naturally goes to publications with a vast audience, like the BBC or the New York Times. But just because these journalism organizations are the ones that usually break the biggest news does not mean that they are the only publications that matter — lower level journalism (especially scholastic journalism) is critical. Major news publications won’t spend the resources on reporting what matters most specifically to the Lawrence community, and I’m proud to be part of a publication that will.

GEORGIA: I feel lucky to have been welcomed onto a dedicated team of exceptional individuals, interested in serving their campus community through journalism and teamwork. As a part of the A&E team I sought to promote the hard work of the vibrant array of students performers and creators, and was overjoyed when we never ran out of events to cover and share with the campus. The Lawrentian serves as just one example of where Lawrentian artists can celebrate and discover one another, and I am grateful to have been a part of that!

GENEVIEVE: Starting with The Lawrentian as an illustrator, I never expected to become an editor and be involved in the inner workings of our school publication. This position has made me appreciate the importance of representative and dedicated journalism. I see my position as one of great privilege, that I strive to use to amplify the voices on campus that matter but may not be heard outside of their peer circles. I want to see this paper as a means to creating the community that so many students crave in this institution. Our paper aims to showcase Lawrentians as we are, what we are involved in, what we think. As jaded as I am (and I’m sure many other students are) with the phrases “Light more light!”, “Be the light!” or “The Lawrence Difference”, I truly believe in our student body and what we create. I hope in the future that The Lawrentian continues to showcase all that our lives are on this campus, and that more students can share in that experience.

JAKUB: Although my introduction into the world of journalism was rather sudden, the opportunity I’ve had to work at the Lawrentian has been wonderful. Running the sports section has allowed me to give a voice to athletes across campus and bring light to standout members of our Lawrence community. I am forever grateful for my amazing writers and photographers, as well as to my peers on the ed-board for sticking with me through an adventure that I never imagined would come my way. 

CLAIRE: Throughout my three cycles as the Variety editor, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous Lawrentians on the editorial board dedicated to keeping our campus informed. Talking with these exceptional student leaders has helped me to appreciate our school as well to search for ways to improve upon our community. As the Variety section editor, I’ve hired incredibly creative and talented individuals to provide content that helps to distract from the sometimes difficult realities the rest of the newspaper exposes. I hope that the Variety section continues to share silly sentiments that help take students’ minds off of more troubling issues.

MAX: I’ve had an amazing time being Op-Ed Editor. Op-Ed is such a fun and dynamic section to manage, and I think it is beautifully enriching to read the staff’s different perspectives each week. Throughout my time here, my staff has been made up of passionate, creative and wonderful people, and it’s been a joy getting to know them. Working with my staff and the other members of the Editorial Board has been one of the most valuable and fun experiences of my life.

ALLEGRA: I’ve worked with some of the absolute best people I’ve known during my time at The Lawrentian. I’m grateful for what I’ve taken part in creating here and everything I’ve learned.

ETHAN: My short time working on The Lawrentian has taught me so much about the amazing community we have at Lawrence. It has given me a new lense through which I can view and understand the people who attend the university. I have loved reading and editing the fantastic work our writers bring to the table every week. I expect the rest of my time here to be just as exciting and informative as my first two terms have been.  

ALEX D: I’ve continuously been surprised at the amount of readership and support there is for The Lawrentian both on and off campus. As Managing Editor and Distributions Manager I have received countless requests for paper or even complaints over lack of papers in an area. I’m grateful to have been apart of such a prominent and respected institution. 

PETER: It is like a home away from home.

DANNIELLE: I joined The Lawrentian my freshman year as a news writer. I never could have believed that I would have embodied all the roles that I have at this paper and all the opportunities that have been presented to me as a part of a great team of people who care so deeply about the campus community. I so look forward to being able to lead the next editorial board cycle and continue to bring attention to our vibrant university. To all of those who are interested, please consider joining us! We are always looking for new voices and there are opportunities for everyone at the paper!

LARISSA: It is hard for me to imagine a news publication like The Lawrentian without photographs. Not only do photographs catch the eyes of potential readers and help to break up the blocks of text that make up the articles, they add so much context to the stories presented. It cements the humans within and behind the words and prevents the separation of the two, which I think is particularly necessary in more serious pieces. Photographs also further the ability of readers to experience the art, music, presentation or event that the article is about without having truly been there. To restate a cliche, a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have been honored to help provide those pictures for The Lawrentian, both as a former photographer and now as the former Photo Editor. 

REBECCA: As a freshman, working for The Lawrentian as a copy editor is the best introduction to Lawrence I could possibly have had. Copy editors work on every section in the paper, and reading these each sections has made me appreciate the full variety and excitement of different student communities here. Copy editors also serve on the editorial board, which means I’ve gotten to be a part of this particularly wonderful student community, and I’m very grateful. 

ANDREW: In my four years working for The Lawrentian, I have learned the invaluable lesson of never underestimating yourself and your community. As a freshman, first-generation student, I signed up to be a writer, having no clue that I would end up being in charge of the longest running student publication at Lawrence. But my passion for this newspaper was electrified by overwhelming community support; I felt an ambition to communicate and share our lived experiences at this little liberal arts college. Our lives, stories, mistakes, victories and everything in between will live in print until climate change burns up the very pages and humanity ceases to exist. It constantly reminds me the ways we need to be better, to leave an impression on human history that we would actually be proud to leave. It reminds me that we need to hear as many voices as possible, so no one is lost. Everyone deserves a place, and I am so honored to have had my own place within this paper and this community. Thank you!