Movie Review

Alexander Kohnstamm

I was excited to see “I Love You, Man” because of the duo of Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. I knew going into the movie that it would be a romance movie, and I had my doubts. But, knowing the cast, I had faith that this movie would not disappoint. “I Love You, Man” is a true “bromance” movie, and I completely recommend this film to everyone out there, not just the guys.
The movie revolves around the idea that Peter, played by Paul Rudd, does not have a male friend to stand by his side when he gets married to Zooey, played by Rashida Jones. Zooey then forces Peter to explore the realm of man dates and hanging out, providing plenty of humor and leaving very few dull moments. Finally running into Sydney Fife, played by Segel, and finding a best friend, Peter understands the threshold between the two types of relationships he has.
The greatest part of this movie is that it is technically straightforward. The director, John Hamburg, did not do anything amazing with the camera – he really just allowed it to have a nice tone and allowed the actors to blossom in their own way. I absolutely love the duo of Rudd and Segel and the fact that there were male leads in a romance movie. I was laughing for at least 95 percent of the movie and, for the other five percent, I was gasping for air so that I could laugh more.
Ideas that this film examines include very deep issues that revolve around serious relationships like those seen in the film, and the reality of the situations in the movie make the humor that much more believable. It can open up the eyes of any relationship, and allow both sides to really understand the idea of “bros” and the limits that should be maintained to have a healthy relationship with your spouse and with your friends. I have always been impressed with these types of movies and how efficient they are at relating everyday problems to teens and adults alike.
I feel that this is the funniest thing I have seen since “Knocked Up.” I was glad to see Rudd finally get the face time he deserves, and he really pulled it off. I am excited for the next project from these guys and I am sure that I will love it as much as I loved this movie. I guarantee a lot of laughs and a wide variety of new one-liners to add to your repertoire. “I Love You, Man” is a movie that will leave you smiling.