Sig Ep alum questions LU’s equitability

Alan J. Andris

I am an alumnus of Lawrence and Sigma Phi Epsilon. While I attended, the scrutiny and downright harassment from the Administration was unbearable. I have heard that these actions have not changed for the better but have in fact have gotten worse in the wake of the current lawsuit against the University. These current actions by the administration can only further solidify the fact that Lawrence is attempting to outright eliminate the fraternity system entirely.

Unfortunately, Lawrence has yet to regain the respect I and others once held for this astute institution. New buildings do not make a good place to learn and grow but rather diversity, which Lawrence purports to encourage and stimulate. One must question the University’s ethical and moral statements given their current actions.

I am not so much disappointed in President Warch, but rather the Board of Trustees as they make the decisions regarding students’ lives. The board, filled mostly with wealthy alumni, makes decisions based upon not the equitable treatment of students but rather the university.

With the current change in meal plans for the fraternities, Downer takes in an additional $10,000 per year! With a full plan at Downer, Lawrence would gain nearly $150,000 in revenue! How is this equitable?

-Alan J. Andris