I dreamt up. I dreamt it up. I dreamt for sore ears. I dreamt of songs. I supposed it sacred. 

I came to. I came too. I came upon a mound. I came to the climax. I surveyed the site.  

Nothing. Not a thing. No city up a hill. No city up the hill. I sought the city. 

Left. I’m left. I’m leaving here. I’m the leavings. I survived a symptom. 

Undone. Undid it all. Unwound and unwind. Under a wound. I scabbed the sliver. 

Fine. Refined. I’m fine. It’s the finer things. I stopped the study. 

Searching. Researching. Sea urchin. Street urchin. I slept on silt. 

Found. Confounded. Found it. Finders reapers. I started at sunrise. 

Working. Work in. Work in progress. Work king. I scribed some sage. 

Will. Will it. No will. Will to what. I sunk the spirit. 

End. Ending. End times. End game. I sold a soul. 

I slept. I sleep. I slumped over. I’m asleep. I sleep I sleep.