LUCC blurb

LUCC met at General Council April 6 at 4:30 p.m. in the Hurvis Room. Finance Committee allocated funds to the Environmental Initiative Grant, LU-Aroo, LU Film Club, and LU 3D Club. Steering committee did not recognize any new groups. An ad-hoc committee to redevelop the LUCC website was formed.Announcements:

Special elections were held last week to fill vacant District Representative Positions. Congratulations to Sarah Laven from the Trever District, Tony Darling from the Ormsby District, and Caleb Ray from the Plantz District.

LUCC is looking for a student with experience in web design that will join the new Website Redevelopment Committee. Honoraria will be awarded!

Don’t forget: Student Groups must apply for re-recognition and budget approval!