Voices from the Editorial Board: Checking in on policy and practice changes

At the beginning of Winter Term, we used this space to outline our core principles. Follow this link to read those principles, https://www.lawrentian.com/archives/1017323. As we approach the end of the term, we would now like to use this space to outline some of the changes that have been implemented since that first publication of the term.  

In addition to the statements that were included in the first edition, The Lawrentian has now implemented a new editorial policy. This policy applies to all work published in The Lawrentian, whether that be in print or online. Work that was published prior to this policy has been left on our website to maintain transparency but has been flagged as non-compliant with our current policy. Follow this link to read our full editorial policy, https://www.lawrentian.com/archives/1017631.

With this policy, members of our editorial board have interacted with a multitude of offices and organizations across campus, utilizing the Committee on Diversity Affairs as well as the organizations that are being represented. These interactions are to ensure that we are accurately and appropriately representing our campus community. 

The Lawrentian has created additional opportunities for student employment through our new Guest Illustrator positions. This opportunity allows any currently enrolled Lawrence student — regardless of any previous involvement with The Lawrentian — to sign up to create artwork for us to feature with our articles on our social media. These are paid, weekly opportunities. As this is our last publication for the term, there are no opportunities to sign up for currently, but please follow this link to find the sign-up for future assignments, https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showSignUp/10c0c4eaaac29a5f5c07-guest.

Our organization also has a new advisor, Emily Bowles from the Career Center. She has been a valuable addition to our team, as we are able to refer to her to aid our decision-making and to hold us accountable to our principles and our commitment to change. We have also added a Public Advocate position to our editorial board. Our Public Advocate is heavily involved in our new verification process, together with the Copy Chief, and strives to evaluate how The Lawrentian can better connect with and represent the Lawrence community. 

Our Managing Editor and Distributors have evaluated the number of printed copies that are actually being taken from the locations where they are available and have reduced the number of physical copies by 300 to more appropriately accommodate the demand. Next term, we will be placing QR codes in the areas where papers are usually located to encourage people to utilize our website as well. 

We thank everyone who has come forward with their ideas and pointed out where we need to do better. It is because of you that we are able to improve this publication that represents the entire campus community. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are hopeful that the steps we have taken this past term will promote inclusivity and a deepened connection with the Lawrence community. If you have any feedback for us, please do not hesitate to email us at lawrentian@lawrence.edu or utilize our feedback form for anonymous submissions. That form can be found at this link, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdWuMyExePKKQm4IJuydT0nqWKeHnwh9MByGz5bAzEeIkUIcQ/viewform