Staff Editorial

Despite the snowfall earlier this week, spring term at Lawrence has begun. In addition to an endless stream of prospective students, this new term brings with it a new editorial board here at The Lawrentian.
The Lawrentian is Lawrence University’s oldest student publication still in production, established in 1884 as a successor to The Lawrence Collegian. The newspaper is the primary source of campus news for students, faculty and staff, and the Opinions & Editorials section in particular serves as a venue for healthy debate among its readers.
We appreciate the quality of reader interaction with The Lawrentian in the past year. We feel that students have embraced the potential for dialogue inherent in a student publication and cultivated a sensitivity to the campus climate. As The Lawrentian moves forward, we hope that these passionate voices move with us.
We hope to expand The Lawrentian‘s use of technology, thereby reaching a larger audience and providing a wider range of opportunities for Lawrentians to engage in dialogue with the editorial staff and with each other. We encourage students to utilize these new features as they progress, and we are excited to see how the campus voice will evolve with time.