Sugar and Fruit and Everything Cute

“4 cups of cherries or more, maybe 5 just to be sure. 1 cup of sugar or more if the berries are sour. Let your belly say when, when you put in a good pinch cinnamon.”

– “Cherry Pie” by Katzenjammer 

Kitten cute, puppy cute, glass tank with a guppy cute. Flower cute, picnic cute, sunshine with sunshowers cute. Magic cute, far lands cute, arched wrist holding hands is cute. Cupcake cute, fairy cute, Mary quite contrary cute. 

Do things cute. Eat things cute. Dancing cute and prancing cute. Singing cute. Stings so cute. Flying cute and diving cute. Riding on a large clownfish, wouldn’t that be cute? Sliding on a sluggy slug, wouldn’t that be cute? Watch things cute. Bought things cute. Wear things cute. Earrings cute. Take things cute. Leave things cute. Not so cute is also cute. Find a magic pot of gold, wouldn’t that be cute? Drink a funny fluid juice, wouldn’t that be cute? 

Living cute. Dying cute. Being cute and trying cute. Hanging cute. Swinging cute. Legs up high and dangling cute. Being strange and doing quaint, wouldn’t that be cute? Loving nice and finding friends, wouldn’t that be cute? Finding cute. Missing cute. Sounding cute and listening. Driving cute. Driven cute. Twirling thumbs and fiddlin’ cute. Lone doing the do-si-do, wouldn’t that be cute? Going high and looking out, wouldn’t that be cute? 

Music cute, painting cute, flutey entertaining cute. Rom-com cute, jumping cute, horny horn is humming cute. Nighttime cute, lightning cute, springy spring is coming cute. Daytime cute, raining cute, wintertime sustaining cute. 

My belly said when. Cute!