What’s on your mind, Phoebe?

Pets are such a big part of our lives, but do you ever guess what they are thinking? Each week, I will take a different pet and write their “inner thoughts.” 

*Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping* *stomp* Why does everyone just sit on me while I asleeping? I love being as warm as I can, and I just plop down where I go. So be it if I am under warm blanket or on couch or in window? When you sit me down I stay. All day until I hungry. You humans should know where I am so you can be snuggling with me too! I purr so loud when I get love and even just when you exist :). Sure, I am street cat and McDonald’s cat and I have a dark side. But even I do not always know when that Phoebe come out with sharp claws. Maybe when that little human brother chase me with a chair or ball, but maybe even when you touch my belly. Maybe it’s even after I purr so loud and you think I’m loving it. I plop, I sleep forever, I eat a lot, I always hungry, but I will surprise you. My older human brother decided I need diet so I cry for food, any food! I beg you! Raspy rrrmmmeehhhhh! Hear me hear me! But then when I used to set times and not constant grazing I realize that I love play! I chase around and do my Phoebe jump! My Phoebe plop! My Phoebe zooms!!! I stare at bugs and I eat grass and I try to escape the house and I love sitting by vents and I try to hunt those mice. My cat brother always tries to pick his grumpy old fights but I still young cat, and I was not babied as a kitten. I was street tough with fleas and hunger and now I don’t stop eating. I am survivor Phoebe, strong Phoebe, and I love play!! And snuggles of course, but I don’t always get the attention since I don’t actively demand it from my family like Figaro. I not so needy like him. Sure, I may make some noises. If you touch me I sound like snoring or a truck vibrating. I might nudge brother’s door for me and Figaro to come in and I may happen to lash out. But when I hidden behind curtain in Zoom call, you may not know it. You may even be ascared when I come out. But I agile still, and quick, and I love plop! And because humans love it so much, I try to nudge my head against their hand like an Olympic prize dolphin because I so cute!!!!! In short, because I have more naps I need to get in today, here are my favorite things: 

Even though I covered in thick fur, I love warmth and sun and being under thick blankets. 

I love food and I try and make up for not having any during my street days. 

Phoebe plop, jump, chase, snuggle!