What’s true in fencing?

Matt Hoh

1. There are three weapons used in fencing.
True: Epee, saber and foil are fencing’s three implements. All three of them have existed since the days of dueling.2. “En Garde” is the starting posture and position that signals a participant is ready to begin.
True: “En Garde” is a French construction meaning “on guard.” The director will say this right before the bout continues or at the very start.

3. Fencing participants are able to move around in the 15-by-15-foot square.
False: Fencers are allowed to move within a rectangle that is 6 by 44 feet. If one of the participants leaves the area, they are penalized.

4. In fencing a beat is another name for winning the bout.
False: Actually, a beat is an attempt to knock the opponent’s blade aside and is almost always followed with a quick attack.
5. A run is when an attacker leaps off his or her leading foot trying to hit the opponent and then runs past his or her opponent.
False. The correct term for this is Fleche. When running by the opponent, the participant runs on the opposite side of their opponent’s weapon.