What’s true in skiing?

Matt Hoh

1. Wilson is one of the top manufacturers of ski equipment.
False: Wilson does not make ski equipment. However, it is well known for other sports equipment. Two of the big names are Nordica and Solomon.2. A twin-tip ski is a ski in which the tail is raised.
True: A twin-tip is a ski with raised tail, which make it the same as the front of the ski. This allows for tricks and the ability to land backwards.

3. One of the toughest tricks to land in a half-pipe is the disaster to 270 off.
3. False: The disaster 270 off is a trick only able to be performed on a rail.

4. When skiers spin opposite to their normal way, this is called unnatural.
4. True: Spinning backwards is unnatural, and landing backwards is known as fakie.

5. Racing slalom skis are the longest skis made for racing.
5. False: The slalom skis are actually the shortest of the racing skis. The reason they are the smallest is that slalom is the race with the tightest turns required.