Wind Ensemble tour a great success

Kristi Ruff

While the rest of us were studying, catching up on homework, and being productive over reading period – right? – members of the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble were busy on tour, traveling to Chicago. The group performed with two high schools’ ensembles, Hinsdale and New Trier, on the outskirts of Chicago. Excepting a minor glitch with the first school’s performance, both concerts were “excellent” according to some of the instrumentalists. Students enjoyed performing with both high school ensembles, but many had especially favorable comments for the New Trier High School music program.
The repertoire for these concerts was the same that was played at the home concert in January. This included the “Sonata for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble” which once again featured Associate Professor John Daniel.
The band members spent a lot of the daytime rehearsing before their performances, but overall, many said, “It paid off.” The performances were described by the instrumentalists in varying degrees of awesomeness – from “toe-tapping” to “enthusiastic” to “excellent.” When not busy performing, the band spent some free time at the hotel doing homework, catching up on sleep, swimming in the pool or just relaxing.
Upon their return to Lawrence, students were exhausted – many students described coming home and falling into bed immediately to catch up on sleep.
The tour was an overall success – the band got to spread the word about Lawrence and showcase Lawrence’s music program, all the while getting to know other members of the ensemble and spending time in Chicago.