Registration Reflections

Christie McCowen

With the new registration period upon us, it is a time to reflect on how things work — or don’t work — in the registration process here at Lawrence.We pick our classes during spring term the year before we take the classes. It makes sense, right?

What sense does it make to close the registration period, only to open it the first day of classes? Any class that is listed as limited (even if it is empty) is now available by approval only — if you were hoping to get things done quickly, think again. Oh, by the way, did you remember to have your advisor remove the hold on your account?

I get frustrated sometimes with the registrar and the amount of holds the registrar puts on our accounts. The more the registrar intervenes, the more I want to avoid the registrar.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid dealing with the registrar completely is to map out your entire academic life at Lawrence University for the entire four or five years that you plan on being here.

If you are a seer, then you’ve got no problems. But if you are like the majority of college students who change their majors or decide to change their minds about the classes they picked for next term last year, you will have to deal with the registrar.

A bit of advice: Have your advising holds taken off early in the term. They’ll be put on again at the end of the term, but at least this way you won’t have to scramble to have them taken off the last day of the registration period. Also, remember to check out programs and services that are available to you on camps — this includes your advisor, who can also be a great resource!

Good luck with your planning.