LETTER TO THE EDITORL: An outsider’s view of Israel

Dan Whiteley

For the record, I have no authority to write this article. I’m not Jewish, I’m not Palestinian, and I’m not from Israel. I’m just another dumb white American with an opinion. I may be able to avoid alienating anyone by offending everyone, though. I should start by saying, simply, that I am anti-Israel. I am against the Israel that exists today. I am against the way it was created and the way it has been maintained. The Israel that we have grown up knowing was created from stolen land, stolen from the Palestinians more then 50 years ago.Through its existence, the Western world has stood by Israel no matter what they did. They were reprimanded sometimes for their overt harshness, yet with rarely more then a slap on the wrist.

Because of the way that our government took Israel under its wing, there exists an unspoken “If you speak up against Israel, you are anti-American” rule. This has cut off support that the Palestinians might have mustered from the outside world, as other countries cowered under the United States and their Western allies.

I feel that I should clear things up more. I am a supporter of the Palestinian cause, but I do not support suicide bombers or the violent way that the PLO, Hamas, and other rebel organizations have tried to win back their country. In diplomacy lies the answer, but the Israelis seem begrudged to listen. Fighting an impossible battle is the Palestinians’ only alternative, because giving up one’s homeland is not an option. The first key to peace lies in the hands of the Israelis.

Currently Sharon is using Bush’s actions further east to justify his hometown “hunt on terrorism.” I have separate problems with Bush and his “strategy” but have limited space. So for us to stand idly by and see that Sharon is simply copying us like an unimaginative sibling is a crime in itself.

Everyone is at fault in this situation. I have much more to say, but I lack the space in this article, and I pose no solution beyond my extreme “Well, let’s just kill everyone!” I’m throwing ideas out, though. What have you done for peace today?