Hey. Yeah, you. I am talking to you!

Robin Humbert

The topic of social etiquette here at Lawrence needs to be addressed. Many of the inhabitants here seem to lack the characteristic of politeness. I am awed every time I leave my place of residence and venture through the campus. I see fellow Lawrentians and say hi, smile, do the head nod-something-whether or not I know them. We are all on somewhat of a similar plane here, and it would only be nice to recognize one another.

It is not expected that one would have to have discussions with a complete stranger, but it is extremely rude that when addressed, one does not acknowledge the existence of the person granting them respect.

I understand that at times it is difficult to respond; there are mayflies to combat, you are in a hurry, in conversation, or are just having a bad day. However, this offense happens more then it should.

This is a relatively small school, and there is no reason for someone not to recognize another by granting them respect in their acknowledgment of being, especially when greeted first.

Not everyone strives to be a social butterfly (as it is especially difficult at this rigorous institution), and politeness often ranks low on priority lists; however, there should be a social bond between all Lawrentians (even though the majority of the campus strives for unsociable behavior). This is not necessarily a pressing matter, but no one else was going to bring it to attention, and it should definitely be thought about.

So, the next time you are out, and someone you do not know says hello, at least lower yourself to their level to make eye contact to thank them for their respect.