College Ave Rewind(s): Spring break

Today is Mar. 4, marking the end of the ninth week in our sight. One more week, four more days of classes, and then Spring Break 2022 is near. A major advantage of our 10-week terms is the nice break between each term to relax, do anything besides schoolwork and put the past term behind us. Our glorious winter break is six weeks long and spring break is nearly two weeks. Some people go to their hometowns or visit relatives or friends, and others stay here on campus. No matter where you go and what you do, it is a break from the “Lawrence busy,” which is most often a much-needed break for all. I love my spring breaks. Spring weather can be mild and sometimes even warm. Sometimes, I take a trip, I read a book or two, binge some TV, hang out with my family and friends and just be content being at home. So, if you run out of things to do or watch, here are a couple of possible ideas to keep you entertained while you relish in not having deadlines.  

TikTok. I quit cold turkey last year out of an obsession with this amazing app. I figured I would watch Instagram reels instead, worse, but not as addicting. With its comedy, dance, lifehacks, dogs slipping on the floor, it has everything. Whether you are addicted to TikTok like much of the population or not, you’ve likely explored this app. TikTok recipes. It’s a thing. This could be your time to make some crazy, wild, sometimes slightly odd and often delicious food! Not sure where to start? I got you. First, there is Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice bowl. If you have not made this yet, it is incredibly easy and delicious. Or search for the tiny cupcake queen Melissa Ben-Ishay, more famously known as Baked by Melissa. She makes a delicious cabbage-based salad with a green goddess dressing to pair with tortilla chips or eat straight out of the bowl. Simple, crunchy, fresh and very yummy. If you have no interest in these two recipes or have already tried them, just look up food on the search page and the world is your oyster. There is so much out there. And maybe you can do a dance challenge or two to burn off some of those calories. 

Next up is comfort movies and TV, meaning series or stand-alone movies that you have watched more than once due to your utmost love for them. For me, this is the seven-season-long Gilmore Girls, various episodes of The Office, the fabulous movie Love Actually and the Star Wars series. I watch all of these at least once or twice a year. I know it, I love it, so why not watch it again? Something that has been on my list for a while now is to read all of the “Harry Potter” books again and then watch all of the movies. Another idea is to watch all the best pictures that are nominated for the Academy Awards, prepare yourself, pick a movie and bet on it with friends and see which movie walks away with that Oscar.    

Most importantly, don’t forget to move your body. With all of the sitting and staring at our screens we do throughout the day, we could all use some fresh air. Turn some music on and go on that walk. Play fetch with your dog or your neighbor’s dog. They need that outdoor time too. The weather is getting warmer, so throw that outdoor soiree you’ve planned all winter. I believe in you. Good luck with the end of term and finals! Have a fantastic spring break, no matter if you are crazy busy or doing nothing at all! I’ll see you in spring term!