LUCC looks at smoking policy, theme houses

Rachel Hoerman

Campus life issues such as council procedure, theme house selection, and smoking policies topped the agenda at the April 11 meeting of LUCC.President Cole Delaney warned his colleagues that he did not wish them to suffer “culture shock,” but noted that some things had been done improperly in LUCC’s past. Delaney added, “We need to make sure LUCC functions as it is intended to function.”

First, the “Committee on Committees” planned the formation of a theme house selection committee, composed of three LUCC board members and eight other members of the Lawrence community. This board will determine the distribution of small houses among on-campus groups.

Then, the council made fraternities part of formal group housing and removed LUCC legislation concerning the co-op and language houses since those groups will be considered formal groups as well.

The council went on to discuss a report on computer lab policies, specifically the need for twenty-four hour study places. Currently, Computer Services and Security work in tandem to lock and unlock residence hall labs in correlation with the opening and closing of the buildings.

LUCC representative Megan Brown brought up a recommendation that no dogs or cats be allowed in theme houses as pets. Council members are still looking into smoking legislation for theme houses and will deliver their ultimate decision at next week’s Thursday meeting.

The council announced that the formation of a committee to oversee The Lawrentian will be on next week’s agenda.

The council gave formal recognition to the Language and Culture Club, which promised to complete at least one project per term that will focus on the cultural expansion and practice of a single foreign language. The Lawrence University College Democrats also received formal recognition. The group promised to represent the Democratic Party at Lawrence by promoting party issues on campus as well as working with off-campus Democrat groups such as the county chapter.

This week’s LUCC meeting also addressed campus by-laws. The council determined that by-laws must be brought up and discussed a meeting ahead of the one in which they are approved.

Finally, residence halls representative Daniel McPherson announced that Ormsby Hall will hold its annual “Zoo Days” festival Saturday, May 18, in conjunction with “Shackathon.