A Note From the Judicial Board

Welcome all new and returning Lawrentians!

Judicial Board is a board of roughly 15 students, sophomores to seniors, whose purpose is to enforce the social code. The social code can be found in the student handbook, but, in short, it deals with all areas of student life that are non-academic. Complaints of a student violation of the social code are brought to J-Board by any member of the campus community, and these complaints are then further evaluated. A hearing of the board might occur to speak with the complainant, the accused and any witnesses of the violation in question. It is the board members’ job to determine whether or not this violation did occur and what sanctions should be imposed. A unique characteristic of J- Board is that it is completely student-run. While we do have an advisor — Curt Lauderdale, the Dean of Students — he serves as a non-voting member. The students of the board are the sole voting members and get to make the final decisions on all hearings. These decisions can then only be appealed to the President of the university.
The goal of J-Board is to educate students about the social code, why it should be followed and why it is so important to our campus. This goal is achieved through campus outreach and hearing sanctions that are educational, rather than punitive, in nature. The social code ensures that everyone in our campus community feels safe and included, which we feel is integral to the Lawrence experience.

J-Board is always here for you! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our advisor, Curt Lauderdale, or the chair of the board, Jessica Toncler.

— Jessica Toncler, Judicial Board Chair