Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Nick Jennette Men’s HockeyAs the season comes near the end, what are the team’s goals?
Our team goals have stayed the same all season, and they are to improve in some way every day. Whether it’s on or off the ice, our team has been trying to get ourselves and each other better every day.

With a team made up of mostly underclassmen, how have they stepped up during this season?
With so many guys that have never played at the college level before it was important for them to get used to the level of play. Our schedule started off very strong, playing the reigning national champions twice in a month, so this really forced the younger guys to adjust quickly. Because we were playing such good teams, they didn’t really have a choice but to step their game up, and they have adjusted very well.

If you could play hockey with something other than a puck, what would it be? Why?
A tennis ball. Look for me in between the pipes come springtime as the Street Hockey League, or SHL, enters its second season. People say my rookie campaign as a goalie will be tough to follow up, but I’ve been doing plenty of up-downs in the off-season.

Would you rather have the game-winning shot or a momentum-changing defensive stop?
That is tough. Obviously you can’t win without solid defense, and blocking shots is one of my favorite parts of hockey, but I’m going to have to say scoring a game winner. There is probably not a better feeling in the world than scoring a goal in a hockey game, let alone a game winner.

What has been your favorite hockey memory over the past four years, either on the ice or off?
Either scoring the game winner against MSOE with eight seconds left on the clock my junior year, with President Beck attending her first-ever game, or sweeping Finlandia this season, at their rink, with Josh DeSmit scoring with 0.7 seconds left on the clock in overtime.

Tess Jaeger Women’s Indoor Track
What is your favorite event in track? Why?
The 4×400-meter relay is my favorite event on the track because it is the last race – so everyone is watching, [it’s] the most intense. It takes true athletes to run it because it is after all your other events, so it is everything you have left!

What do you hope to accomplish during the indoor track season?
Right now I’m injured, so I will be competing outdoor, but I hope to drop some major time in 400 hurdles, hopefully at least three or four seconds!

What is your usual pre-race warm-up routine? Is there any particular reason for this routine?
My pre-race warm-up routine consists of running a few laps, sprint drills, accelerations and stretching. There is a specific set of stretches and drills I do before a race that is determined by the coach to warm up my muscles.

How is the team dynamic this year under the supervision of a new coach?
This year we have brand-new Coach Vic, and he is great! The team is small, since we have a new coach, but he is pushing us harder than we have ever been pushed before. I think the team likes the challenge. We’ve only had two meets this season and we’ve already seen some major improvements. It can only get better!

Who is your all-time favorite professional runner? Why?
My all-time favorite runner is Ali Blegen because she is FANTASTIC!