LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Former LUCC president responds to article

To Lawrence Community I would like to make an apology. I evidently made the astute error of interpreting the by-laws of L.U.C.C. in the most suitable manner I saw fit.

I am sorry that these interpretations are not the same as those held by the current administration.

I am sorry that my methods were approved of by the Council and that never, at any point, did my interpretations function in a manner contradictory to that expressed in the by-laws. Had I, members of the Council like President Delaney would have alerted me to my impropriety.

Until recently, however, everyone seems to have understood that my interpretations, like President Delaney’s, were simply that —interpretation.

If I felt like apologizing further, I would express my regrets that there were members of the Committee on Committees, Delaney for instance, that occasionally neglected their duties. This might understandably have led to the assumption of a sloppy job.

Similarly, I might question the appropriate nature of the committee re-assignments that have occurred but I prefer to not take the path of slander.

I am finally most sorry to hold the following to be true: Such pointless propaganda is quite immature and does nothing to build our community.

A solution? Perhaps the current administration would care to focus on the sound campaign promises that got Mr. Delaney elected.

Remember, these are simply interpretations of the system and perhaps I was misinformed as to the true purpose of our student government.

—Chris Worman

Former LUCC President