LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Coed housing petitioner explains

The student body has hopefully heard about my proposal for coed housing, either through the article in The Lawrentian or just by word of mouth. I’m sure it’s gotten all around campus. So now that the idea has been introduced, I’ll describe it, and explain my rationale. I’m proposing that the University give students the option of cohabitation in designated suites (quads) on campus. It would only be in rooms with four or more people and would only be on floors with at least two bathrooms or a private bath.

The difference from the pre-existing quads is that we are not limited to either a group of guys or girls; gender is not an issue.

I realize that previous article portrayed me as accusing the University of being “heterosexist.” This is not my goal. I was merely pointing out that student concerns for couples living together could be considered a heterosexist approach; not once did I accuse the University of holding this view.

At every other school providing coed rooms, the GBLT group on campus has been the leading supporter of this crusade. A prominent concern at Swarthmore was that they were “being forced to live with someone of the same sex, without the option to live with someone of the opposite sex.”

Of course, it’s different for each person, but we should realize that not everyone is comfortable living with someone of the same sex.

My rationale is that I don’t believe we should be restricted in deciding whom we live with. My real reason isn’t necessarily because I want to live with a certain guy, though I am more comfortable with some guys than with some of my girl friends.

The housing lottery was designed so we could choose to live with a friend with whom we feel comfortable and who would best compliment our living style. Does it matter what sex your best friend is? I just don’t want our options to be limited.