Ariel, Tropos set for this year’s publications

Amy Siebels

As seventh week draws to a close, two student groups are scrambling to finish their end-of-the-year publications: Ariel, the Lawrence yearbook, and Tropos, the campus literary magazine.Ariel

The staff of Ariel, under the command of editor Carly Kreuziger, ’02, is working to complete most of its layouts before the tenth week rush.

“The biggest challenges,” Kreuziger says, “are always filling in the little gaps and little problems…returning phone calls, finding photos for new layouts, etc.”

However, Kreuziger has confidence in her staff’s ability to tackle whatever challenges arise.

“Typically we have trouble getting a staff that is able to do consistent work,” she says. “However, this staff is much better than normal… Everyone is dedicated and each person is able to help in a different way.”

According to Kreuziger, the staff’s diversity helps to ensure a variety of text and layouts, which include this year’s new segments about nightlife and off-campus friends.

The layouts are grouped into major categories that correspond to this year’s theme, the elements. Each element represents a section of the book: wind (academics), fire (student life), water (sports), earth (organizations), and legacy (the senior section).

Although there are photographers on staff, Ariel depends on student submissions for many of the photos that make up each section. Kreuziger says, “In general, if someone gives us a bunch of photos, we try and use at least three or four.

“We [still] need photos of spring break and finals weeks, organization/Greek candids, senior submissions, nightlife or weekend candids, any photos of students with Fox Valley area friends, and photos of residence hall and small house activities. We are also in need of faculty photos (either faculty outside of the classroom or faculty with students).”


Tropos, led by senior Tara Lyons, is also working to make a June publication date. The magazine’s biggest problem for this issue, according to Lyons, is the small number of submissions:

“This year we just didn’t get very many—a bare fraction of the number we’ve received previous years,” Lyons says.

A lack of submissions was also the reason Tropos did not publish its usual themed mid-year publication this year. The second term project, Lyons says, “is usually an informal magazine that lets us play with a more creative layout.”

For Lyons, the best part of working on Tropos is the staff. “We’re a really small group,” Lyons says. “Especially during production time, we spend a lot of time together.

“We’re pretty laid back—everyone works on everything, with the editor around to keep things moving.”

Because there were so few works submitted this year, the staff has continued to accept submissions after the April deadline.

* Submit: candid photos (especially Greek/organizations), senior submissions,
* Deadlines: photos, Memorial Day (May 27); Senior submissions, May 24
* Contact: Carly Kreuziger (x7148)
* Purchase/Pickup Information: Contact Linda Fuerst in Raymond House about ordering/picking up books. The 2002 edition will be available in early fall. Seniors will receive theirs in the mail.
* Cost: $40

* Submit: poetry, prose, and visual art
* Deadline: ASAP
* Contact: Tara Lyons (x7096)
* Purchase/Pickup Information: Contact Tara Lyons or drop off preorder requests at the Union Info Desk.
* Cost: free (current issue), $5 (past issue)