STAFF EDITORIAL: Lawrentian endorses Ketcham and DeLaney

The Lawrence University Community Council elections will take place the first three days of next week, and, depending on whose posters you are looking at, it is either an occasion for serious thought about serious issues or a complete farce. Many of the candidates have weighed in with their positions in this week’s special campaign section of the paper, and we invite you not only to read their statements, but to seek them out and ask your own questions before casting your ballot.
The Lawrentian is particularly pleased to see a large and serious field of candidates for vice president. The position is somewhat misleadingly named, because the office holder, much more than being the president’s second in command, heads the most important of all of LUCC’s various subcommittees, the finance committee. Clearly, all of the candidates who submitted statements to the paper are well aware of the special importance of the position.
The Lawrentian Editorial Board, after considering the candidates’ submissions as well as other factors, would like to endorse Cole DeLaney for president and Cene Ketcham for vice president. Both candidates have a good deal of experience with LUCC, and Cole DeLaney in particular has distinguished himself as a fine parliamentarian. They have a sense for what LUCC could accomplish and have not promised anything that is clearly in the realm of fantasy. Cene Ketcham’s plan to streamline the budgeting process through an improved web page particularly strikes us as both a great and practical idea, something those who would make grand but essentially impossible promises would do well to copy.
Finally, we encourage all Lawrentians to consider carefully the candidates and vote for whomever they see fit.