In other news…

PESHAWAR, Pakistan –
Wednesday, a car bomb ripped
through a civilian market killing
101 and wounding 160 in the
northwest city of Peshawar. The
attack, which occurred three hours
after Secretary of State Hilary
Clinton arrived in Pakistan for
talks with Prime Minister Yousuf
Raza Gilani, is attributed to the
Taliban’s attempts to undermine
the government.
WASHINGTON – The Federal
Aviation Administration revoked
the licenses of two Northwest
Airlines pilots Tuesday after they
missed their intended landing time
in Minneapolis by 14 minutes and
failed to make radio contact with
ground control for 91 minutes.
The pilots, Timothy B. Cheney and
Richard I. Cole, told investigators
that they “lost track of time” while
working on their personal laptops.
KABUL, Afghanistan – The brother
of Afghan president Hamid
Karzai, Ahmed Wali Karzai, has
been getting regular payments
from the CIA for the past eight
years according to American officials.
The CIA pays Karzai for
various services, including helping
to recruit a paramilitary force that
operates under the CIA’s direction.
Karzai is also a suspected player in
Afghanistan’s illegal opium trade.