In other news…

APPLETON – The new College
Avenue bridge, a project seven
years and $17.85 million in the
making, reopened Friday after
being closed since August of 2008.
Cake, marching bands and a drawing
to see who would be the first
motorist across the bridge marked
the new bridge’s opening.
MILAN – Wednesday, an Italian
judge convicted 23 CIA operatives
of kidnapping a Muslim cleric from
the streets of Milan in 2003. Hailed
as a symbolic victory, this case
was the first to convict officials
involved in the American practice
of rendition, in which terrorism
suspects are captured in one country
and taken for questioning in
another, often one more open to
coercive interrogation techniques.
WASHINGTON – Plans for a meeting
between Japanese Foreign
Minister Katsuya Okada and U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
have been dropped due to an
inability to coordinate schedules.
The meeting was scheduled to
precede President Obama’s visit to
Tokyo. BBC News states that Japan
“has no time” to meet the U.S.