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(Jenny Roesch)

Jenny Roesch
Women’s tennis
What was the hardest part about this tennis season?

I just had knee surgery in May, so I’ve been working super hard to get back into shape. Trying to stay healthy and getting my game back – while also trying to reach the next level – was probably the biggest challenge for me this season.Do you prefer singles or doubles? Why?
I honestly love both. Playing doubles with Beth [Larson] allows me to get super vocal on the court, which is really fun, and having her constant support is very rewarding. Doubles allows me to serve and volley, my favorite parts of the game. Singles is also great because I love the physical and mental battle it produces, which is a constant challenge.

If you could play in any major tennis tournament in the world, which one would it be and why?
I would love to play at Wimbledon. Everything there seems so classy and the surface is slower, which would allow me to come up to the net more often.

What is one thing about your pre-match routine that you can’t go without?
As everyone knows, I am really superstitious. One thing that I absolutely have to do is eat a banana before each match.

Gayatri Malhotra
Women’s tennis
What is the biggest change between high school and college tennis?

There is definitely more competition amongst the colleges. The players on the team are much more serious and really want to improve. Each member is willing to do what they can to help the team as a whole. Also, the team is more of a family, which has made the transition from high school to college tennis much easier.

Who is your favorite professional player and why?
RAFA! Need I say more?

How did you prepare for conference?
As a team we began to practice indoors to become accustomed to the change from outdoors. We also went for yoga and pilates regularly to relieve stress and prevent injuries. I personally felt there was a lot of team support and enthusiasm, which kept me going.

What are you going to do in the offseason to prepare for next year?
During the offseason, we will plan captain practices and cross training.

What was your favorite memory from this season?
Dancing to techno at the gas station, Coach singing to Avril Lavigne or Ke$ha and many nights watching the US Open.

(Gayatri Malhotra)

(Jenny Roesch)

(Gayatri Malhotra)