STAFF EDITORIAL: Trivia Weekend reminds Lawrence that the best campus activities actually come from campus

It’s that time of year again when Lawrentians look back with fond and fresh memories at a most eccentric and beloved tradition: The Midwest Trivia Contest or, as it is known on campus, Trivia Weekend. In the aftermath of a sleepless night or two, uncountable visits to online search engines, and flamboyant demonstrations of team pride, both hardcore participants and casual observers alike are already looking forward to next year with gusto. One of the unique things about Trivia Weekend is its ability to unite Lawrence not only with the Appleton community, but with the entire Midwest. Teams from surrounding states have made the pilgrimage yearly, bringing revenue (and even a little tourism!) to our humble burg. The live web-cast brings attention from listeners as close as Minnesota and as far as California to the audio landscape of Lawrence University Trivia Weekend, with all of its quirks, charms, and outrageous accents. Though Lawrence may not be the most well known liberal arts college in existence, Trivia Weekend offers Lawrentians an opportunity to flaunt their razor sharp wit, personality, and vast knowledge of miniscule details.

But, public attention aside, Trivia Weekend has always been much more than an invitation to on-campus Mensa members and talk radio enthusiasts. It’s not unusual for the post-break, pre-midterm-reading-period student body to experience a bit of the winter doldrums, and Trivia Weekend offers students fifty straight hours of pure diversion, at their own convenience. Though undertaking such a task entails long hours, minimal sleep, and some grim, hard work, surely those involved would agree that it is completely worth it.

Universities all over America, Lawrence included, spend a great deal of money on a whole slew of prepackaged “college entertainers,” but when it comes down to it, homegrown events with a real connection to campus win hands down.

Whether you’re on a team, answering phones, a trivia master, or just occasionally tuning in for the banter, Trivia Weekend is indeed a good time to be had by all.