Sports trivia

Greg Peterson

Q1: What sport focuses around the use of “handballs” to move around the pitch before scoring either a “goal” or a “behind”? Two years ago, this sport banned a type of tackle in which one player pins the other’s arms to his sides and drives his head into the ground – though the federation governing this sport drew heavy criticism for the ban.
A1: Aussie rules football. Though “footy” is easily distinguishable from rugby and American football, it has failed to catch on outside of Down Under, as international fans continue to prefer those sports.Q2: Continuing this week’s unofficial theme, what English forward recently shocked Manchester United faithfuls by announcing that he “wishes to leave the club”? Casual fans might also know this striker from his appearances on the English national side, as during the 2010 World Cup, he was advertised as being England’s main scoring threat.
A2: Wayne Rooney. Despite playing almost his entire professional career at United, the star forward has recently decided that he is done as a Red Devil and wants to jump ship.